Keeping SRJC Affordable for Students

Rick always has the best interests of SRJC students in mind, and has worked to enhance the campus environment while keeping SRJC affordable for students.  In the years ahead, Rick will continue working with school administrators to keep SRJC affordable while working with non-profits and outside programs like the Doyle Scholarship Fund to increase educational access for low and middle-income students.

Leading Efforts to Improve Campus Facilities

Rick has served as a member of the Facilities Committee every year since he took office.  Under Rick’s leadership, numerous new school facilities have been constructed or renovated, including a new library, student center and culinary center, to name a few.  With the impending completion of the Facilities Master Plan that will invest $410 million in bond proceeds authorized by voters through Measure H, Rick looks forward to strategically investing these bond proceeds to construct additional facilities that expand course offerings and enhance the learning environment for our students.

Advancing environmental sustainability initiatives

Rick has been proud to support several environmental sustainability initiatives as a member of the Board of Trustees.  Rick voted for and has overseen the implementation of the Sustainable SRJC Plan, a “green print” for achieving several environmental goals by 2018.  Rick is committed to seeing these goals through to completion while looking at other ways to make the campus greener and more sustainable wherever possible and feasible.

Addressing budgetary issues at SRJC

Rick has been a leading voice for a balanced budget that ensures SRJC’s long-term fiscal vitality.  As a member of the Board of Trustees, Rick is working with fellow Trustees and the President of SRJC to address and reduce a structural budget imbalance facing the college.  He will continue being a leading voice for a fiscally sustainable college.

Advocating for our teachers and students

Rick has and continues to be an advocate for students and teachers to provide them with the resources they need to succeed.  Rick continues to support efforts to improve the learning environment for our students while increasing educational access.